We are a voluntary organization that works to relate scientific evidence and work of science with policy and through which intends to reach communities and action projects. We explore the possibility of incorporating scientific evidence in the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of solutions proposed for variety of issues across the world. Our team is based in different locations of the world and are engaging with challenges to lives of all beings. We believe scientific evidence based policy has a role in providing solutions to a large number of issues the world faces today.

 Furthermore, with the increasing interest in Science-Policy, we recognize the importance of LDCs and Developing countries are also offered opportunity to engage in these platforms. The expertise of young practitioners who seek for solutions for their local and regional issues should be taken into account. Furthermore, the fact based content generated by the young academics through formal and informal education should also be taken into account. At the same time the efforts to influence policy makers to consider these fact based content in decision making should also be given importance. Our efforts are therefore to come together as a group of passionate practitioners and expert advisors to enable these avenues and to initiate action.

  We can directly relate to the Science-Policy Interface Platform Facilitated by the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN-MGCY). Furthermore, the efforts of UN agencies to relate the work of science, high quality data, emerging issues related quantitative information and young academia to the policy and decision making processes are our interest points of engagement. We have worked with UNFCCC, UNDP, UNIC, Restless Development and few member state government entities following such interests.